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/pictures/50x50__tux_helper.png This howto I put together very quickly becasue of the late requsts on tsl-discuss. So there are no explenations but just a quick list on things to do to make ostfix, courier-imaps, and MySQL work with Maildir and Virtual Domains.

Have fun :-)

Install packages

1. of all you need to have installed these packages:

  • Apache 2
  • MySQL 4
  • PHP
  • stfix
  • Postfix-MySQL
  • Courier-imap
  • Courier-imaps
  • Courier-imap-MySQL


Secondly you will need to make these system changes:
In my example i use /data/mail for maildirs and domains.
yourbox:~# mkdir -p /data/mail/
yourbox:~# chmod -R 775 /data/mail/
yourbox:~# chown -R postfix:postfix /data/virtual/


For MySQL you need to change the authorization in /etc/courier-imap/authdaemonrc Set autmodulelist to "authmysql" Now change /etc/courier-imap/authmysqlrc set:
MYSQL_SERVER            localhost
MYSQL_USERNAME          yourusername
MYSQL_PASSWORD          yourpassword
MYSQL_SOCKET            /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock
MYSQL_USER_TABLE      	users
MYSQL_HOME_FIELD       '/data/mail/'
MYSQL_WHERE_CLAUSE  	imapok=1 AND bool1=1 AND bool2=1

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