Spam experiment

2008-12-19 I am trying to get as much spam as possible on as possible so that I can test different spam filtering products. My email is

Site unavaliable

2006-06-02 has been unavaliable because fo disk crash and now I finally have got it up and running with help from my provider

Firefox and Thunderbrid hints

2005-05-07 I have collected some hints on howto make thunderbrid and firefox work together under debian and KDE and made them avaliable here.


2005-04-14 I have been working on my mythtv howto, and now it is finished. If you have any comments pleas send them to me.

New design

2005-02-12 I have been working on an new design to my site. The result you can see as of 2005-02-12 hope you like it. I am very pleased by it. Mayby the menu can be made a little smarter. But overall I like it.

Inspirion 8600c

2005-02-12 I have made my howto on Debian Sid on an Inspirion 8600c avaliable eventhough I am not finished with it.


2004-10-21 I have rewritten the bootsplash howto based on the new knowledge I got from the debain newsletter (2004-10-12) DebBlue and my privios knowledge about bootsplash from


2004-04-03 I complited my howto: USB-Disk howto comments are welcom!

Compaq Presario 1525

2004-03-20 I complited my howto: Debian on Compaq Presario 1525 comments are welcom!

Postfix + Curier-imaps + Mysql

2004-01-19 I made a quick howto on Postfix + Courier-imaps + MySQL :o) comments are welcome!


2004-01-17 I complited my howto on bootsplash :o) comments are welcome!

New design + cms

2004-01-16 I have made changes to my howto site :-)

New design and a mini-cms from plexus-cms which is developed by Ozone ApS to make life easier for me ;-)
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