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/pictures/50x50__tux_helper.png NEW the other week I got an email from debian news saying that bootsplash was made debian easy. This I had to try out and it worked - almost :-P
There for I desided to rewrite this howto.

This howto I wrote because I have searched google many times on howto install bootsplash on my debian box and got tired of searching for it every time I made a change to my system.

First of all you need to bee willing to compile the kernel on your debian box. If you are not or you do not have the nerve to do so then this howto is not for you. If you are up for this then go to bootsplash and read the FAQ's. If you have not tried to compile a personal kernel for you Debian box then go to my kernel-howto page and start there.


The bootsplash screen works perfectly  :-)  Thanks to DebBlue and Bootsplash.de
My bootsplash looks like this in silent mode :-)
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