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Kernel configuration

1. of all you need to get the latest kernel patch and find the kernel version you are running.

2. you will have to patch your kernel
yourbox:~$ su - root
yourbox:~# cd /usr/src/linux
yourbox:/usr/src/linux# patch -p1 < /path/to/bootsplash-3.1.6-XXXX.diff
3. you will have to change your kernel settings by (my choise is menuconfig)
yourbox:/usr/src/linux# make menuconfig

Go to "Device Drivers" -> "Support for frame buffer devices" and select "VESA VGA graphics console" (or possible other framebuffer driver that is supportet by your hardware).

Go to "Logo configuration" and disable it.

Go to "Bootsplash configuration and enable it.

Note Be sure that you have Initial Ramdisk support enabled in "Device Drivers"-> "Block Devices" and inable RAM disk support and enable "Initial Ramdisk support".

Note I am not sure about this, but if you compile both VGA 16-COLOR and VESA VGA graphics support into the kernel, it seems that at boot time the kernel makes use of the one listed first in configuration list. This means that under 2.4 VESA VGA is used and under 2.6 VGA 16-COLOR is used. If the latter is the case you will not be able to use Bootsplash start up! Therefore I recomment that you only compile the one that you need, that is VESA VGA or another framebuffer driver that is supportet by your hardware, into the kernel. (This is just my experince)

Then save and recompile the kernel and install the new kernel.

yourbox:~# make-kpkg --initrd binary-arch
yourbox:~# make-kpkg modules_image
yourbox:~# dpkg -i kernel-headers-2.x.x.x.deb kernel-image-2.x.x.x.deb
yourbox:~# modules-2.x.x.x.deb

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