/pictures/50x50__tux_helper.png This is just a little howto on the CUPS printing system. I have made this quick howto or setup guide out of my memory so if you expirence problems with this I will be glad if you dropped my an email.

Before you start I will recommend that you go to linuxprinting.org to find out wether or not your printer is supported or not.

First of
yourbox:~$ su - root
yourbox:~# apt-get install cupsys cupsys-client cupsys-driver-gimpprint \ 
foomatic-db foomatic-gui foomatic-filters-ppds

Then you should be able to go to http://localhost:631/ and setup your printer.

If this web admin does not have your driver then do the following:

yourbox:~# foomatic-compiledb -f -t ppd your printer driver name (eg. Brother-HL-1430)
yourbox:~# cp ~/ppd/yourdriver.ppd /etc/cups/ppd/
yourbox:~# logout
yourbox at youruser:~$ sudo foomatic-gui (add your printer)

You shold be up and running.
Go to http://localhost:631/printers/ and you shold see somthing like this, "Brother HL-1430 Foomatic/hl1250 (recommended)", for the printer you just configured.

Happy printing.

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